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Vango Stainless Steel Cook Kit

Options for the Stainless Steel Cook Kit

Vango Stainless Steel Cook Kit


Vango Stainless Steel Cook Kit

This Vango Stainless Steel Cook Kit has exceptional cooking capabilities owing to the copper base included on the frying pan and pots. With a stainless steel construction the cook set is very strong and reliable, providing many years of camping service whilst keeping maintainence to a minimum.

The frying pan is high-sided ensuring you can cook large meals when needed. Plastic cups have handles to help with hot beverages and everything is supplied in a carry bag for portability.

Cook Set Contents

The stainless steel cook kit is available in several varieties in order to cater for different requirements. Also, the 1, 2, 3 & 4 person varieties have removable handles on the frying pan whilst the 8 person has a screw-on / off handle.

Type Frying Pans Pots Cups Weight
1 Person 1 @ 14cm 2 @ 0.7L & 0.9L 1 576g
2 Person 1 @ 16cm 2 @ 0.9L & 1.4L 2 724g
3 Person 1 @ 17cm 2 @ 1.2L & 1.6L 3 872g
4 Person 1 @ 18cm 2 @ 1.4L & 1.8L 4 1020g
8 Person 1 @ 26cm 3 @ 1.4L, 2.0L & 2.6L 8 1400g

Feature Summary

  • Robust stainless steel body
  • Lids on pots
  • Copper base on pots & frying pan
  • High sided frying pans
  • Rounded bases
  • Removable frying pan handle (screws on & off on 8 person version)
  • Plastic cups with handles
  • Supplied in carry bag
  • Colour: Silver


Suitable For

Products suitable for use with the Vango Stainless Steel Cook Kit



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